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Creating a song without guitar has never been easier. Discover another way to play music with Jamorphosia.

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Jamorphosia is a great software for guitarists that uses artificial intelligence to split music tracks by analyzing your mp3 files and creating a track for each instrument. You generate a guitar backing track, or isolate guitar from song.

The possibilities offered by Jamorphosia make it one of the best tools for musicians. In a few clicks, you can transform any music file (mp3, wma, flac…) into backing tracks for guitar. A much more fun way to play music!


Many possible actions

Generate a guitar backing track with vocals

In seconds, you can take the place of the original guitarist and jam along with the band of the song!

Use your library to store your songs

Find them anywhere, play your music wherever you are!

Isolate guitar from song

By eliminating the other instruments of a song, it is much easier to perceive the guitar part, and to be able to analyze it.


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Try a new way to practice your instrument thanks to the artificial intelligence of our guitar app.

Frequently asked questions

How to create a guitar backing track with Jamorphosia?

Choose a song and then choose the option to generate music without guitar. Play music with whoever you want!

Why should I use this guitar practice tool?

Using Jamorphosia has several advantages. Musicians who have the ability to record what they play can keep tangible records of their progress. Besides, it's more fun to play the guitar to the original music than to practice on your own.

How does Jamorphosia actually work?

Jamorphosia is able to create guitar backing tracks with vocals of any song using artificial intelligence. The algorithm analyzes a music file, then splits the different instrumental tracks, each containing a different instrument.