Extract vocals from a song

Remove vocals from a song with Jamorphosia, our perfect singing tool. Discover a new way to sing along to your favorite songs.

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Jamorphosia uses artificial intelligence to successfully remove vocals from a song. This way he can remove the vocals from the music, or isolate vocals from a song.

All the actions possible with our tool make it an excellent singing tool. With just a few clicks, you can remove the music voice from any music file (mp3, wma, flac...). Ideal for singing or having a karaoke party with friends!


What can jamorphosia do?

Remove vocals from music

In seconds, you can create a karaoke version of any music file.

Extract vocals from a song

The vocal part of music becomes much easier to listen to without the other instruments.

Manage your music in your library

Keep all the vocalless songs you generated available.


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Try a new way to sing with the artificial intelligence of our instrumental song maker.

Frequently asked questions

Why use Jamorphosia as singing software?

Jamorphosia is a perfect karaoke maker online. Singing to the original music is much more fun than singing alone. Additionally, those who can afford to register can keep track of their work, and analyze their progress.

How to remove vocals from music with Jamorphosia?

Load any song and then select the option to remove vocals from the original music. In a few seconds, you can download the song without voices and become the singer of the group!

How does our singing tool work?

Our app lets you extract vocals from a song using artificial intelligence. Jamarphosia analyzes the song you want to process, then separates it into several files containing a single instrument.